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Real Estate Websites for Professionals

Our real estate website solutions are so much more than just a website. We offer real estate software solutions for agents, brokers and property managers, assisting them with their day-to-day management, marketing, analysis and more.

Real Estate Marketing Services

We offer a full range of real estate marketing services. Real estate website development and website design, search engine optimization and PPC campaign management, MLS\IDX Integration as well as virtual tours and presentation tools.

Real Estate Online Marketing

Listing Distribution and Automated Ads Postings have always been one of our main utilities. All of our real estate websites management systems are integrated with most of the leading online real estate marketplaces. MLS & IDX, Craig’s List bulk account management and real-time monitoring of ads are also included.

Real Estate Lead Generation

There is only one reason you have a website – to generate leads and convert them to deals. Our software offers you a variety of tools to capture, manage and keep in touch with your potential clients.

Agent Real Estate Website

Real Esate Software - Listing Database Listing Database – Enterprise level database, automatic posting for major real estate portals. Compatible with MLS/IDX systems. Easy-to use and fully Customizable.

Real Esate Software - Lead Generation Lead Generation – Easily collect, manage and alert your potential clients. Create notes, follow-ups and reminders and maintain successful relationship with your clients.

Real Esate Software - Content Management Tools Content Management Tools – easily publish articles, press releases and customer testimonials. Search engine optimized content such as Rental & Sales guide, useful links and more.

Real Esate Software - Presentation Tools Presentation Tools – Integrated virtual tours solution and interactive floor plan built into RealtyMX allows you to easily create amazing presentations.

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Broker Real Estate Website

Real Esate Software - User Management User Management – An extensive roles and permissions system allows managers and owners to have full control over the agents’ access to the listing database, contact information and any other sensitive information.

Real Esate Software - Document Management Document Management – secured, intuitive and efficient correlation of important document to contacts and properties. Save money on an expensive document server with our solution.

Real Esate Software - Online Marketing Solutions Marketing Tools – Effective management of Craig’s List, NY Times Digital, BackPage.com and other premium marketplaces accounts.

Real Esate Software - SEO Tools Advanced SEO Tools – Boost your website ranking on search engines with our build-in SEO features. Meta-tags control, automatic keyword generation and other SEO tricks.

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Enterprise Real Estate Website Solutions

Real Esate Software - Secured document distribution Secured document distribution – Expand your distribution channels, enable and control access to your document server by virtually any member of your organization including vendors, clients, tenants and more.

Real Esate Software - Online Billing Solutions Online billing solutions – for Apartment information vendors (AIV), Commercial data exchange and other subscription-based systems.

Real Esate Software - Banner Management Banners & advertisement management – Upload and mange banners onto your website with Easy campaign management and ROI tracking.

Real Esate Software - Integration with legacy systems Integration with legacy systems – Our solutions are seamlessly integrated with various platforms as a turnkey framework using mass data import and export, data synchronization and real time replication.

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