Real Estate Listing Syndication

The Ultimate Marketing Machine

As one of the first real estate software vendors to offer listings distribution, we keep up with the booming online market and establish business partnerships and technical integrations with the nation's leading online real estate marketplace. With more than 47 available online marketplaces rest assure your property would be delivered securely and efficiently to your publisher.

Our Features

Syndication that works!

Trusted by most major marketplaces for many years.

Reliable & Efficient

Easy tracking & Issue reporting. Seamless communication.

Customizable & Scalable

Define your own automation rules or hand pick your desired listings.

Multi-user support

Quota & limits allocations per user.

More Info

Learn how monitoring and optimization tools allow you to maximize your exposure, track your ads, and assess performance. We support data feeds in a wide range of formats and specifications such as CSV, RSS, XML and others.

We support only White Hat practices and reject spam of any nature. We work closely with the publisher's to assure that your data does not violate any policy rules. Advertisement is a crucial key to any business, and we will help you to establish the advantage you need only with ethical and professional standards.